5 Tips For Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

5 Tips For Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles may be one of the toughest jobs. It takes great planning and foresight to choose the right kitchen and bathroom floor tiles for the wet rooms, bathrooms, and other rooms in your home. Your choice of tiles may cost you dearly, if not broken. A few wrong tiles can ruin your entire tiled investment and make you buy a whole new set of bathroom and kitchen floor tiles. The following is a shocking story about how to select the perfect flooring for your wet rooms and other rooms in your house.

According to some reports, a flooring type can kill 11 babies under the age of one year. Flooring tiling is said to be a much safer flooring option than tiles made of wood, ceramic, or marble. Wet rooms are meant for wet and sometimes damp climates, where small children and elderly people could fall. The best choice of flooring in such rooms must be slabs that do not allow wet rooms to become damp and leak.

According To Theme Or Color Scheme

Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles according to the theme or color scheme of your room will help in making it look beautiful. When you choose floor tiles according to the color scheme of your kitchen or bathrooms, you’ll get them installed properly, look beautiful, and last for years. Following are tips on what should be kept in mind while choosing tiles for your bathrooms and kitchens.

Easy to Clean

Tiles should be easy to clean. If you have spilled milk on the floor, the tiles should be able to quickly wipe it off. These tiles also act as protection for your other flooring and wall furniture. Thus, you need to make sure that the color and design of these slabs match the surrounding furniture.

Easy to Maintain

Bathroom and kitchen tiles should be easy to maintain. Cleaning can be a tedious task as cleaning slabs become a daily routine. Thus, make sure that the slabs can be cleaned easily by using household detergents and a sponge mop. If you want to clean the entire bath or kitchen without spending a lot of time on maintenance, then use tile cleaners. You should read and follow the instructions of the product carefully before start cleaning to avoid any mistakes.

The Outline

Tiles should be resistant to water, which helps in maintaining hygiene in a bathroom or kitchen. Thus, you should choose a kitchen and bathroom tile that can bear moisture, steam, and high temperatures. Some of the commonly used kitchen and bath tiles include ceramic, porcelain, and marble. Ceramic and marble are popular as they are scratch-resistant, durable, slip-resistant, and heat resistant.

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