This Chart Should Scare You; is the mortgage market in for a 2008 wreck; average down           not even close to 20%

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The federal government in their quest to shore up the mortgage market in 2008 has created some new risks to the housing market.  Non bank lenders now make up 74% of the origination volume with only 3 banks even making the list.  What does this mean for the mortgage market and in turn the housing market?  Why are non bank lenders now making up such a large share of originations?  Do we have another large scale “wreck” coming our way?

Why are non bank lenders gobbling market share from traditional banks?

Before talking about why banks are gaining market share, it is important to discuss Dodd Frank.  The response to the 2008 mortgage crisis was the creation of increased regulation in banks to prevent future crashes.  What was in Dodd Frank?

Dodd Frank is a series of measures that first required banks to have more capital on hand, meaning more of their own money would be at risk when they lend, and second, a set of measures restricting certain kinds of lending activities, in particular, nontransparent chopping and dicing of loans into other securities. And a third piece of the action, particularly aimed at the too-big-to-fail institutions, is that they were forced to create what are called ‘living wills,’ which are supposed to make it easier for authorities to unwind or shut down a troubled financial institution when a crisis hits.

“The fourth, and in some ways perhaps most important, was that the largest READ MORE ...

How to Choose The Right Window Treatment    

When it comes to window treatments, there are endless options to choose from. Roller blinds, curtains, shutters, Venetians, roman panels and drapes – the list goes on and on.

Making a decision can be tough, especially if you’re unsure of what will look best in your home. I recently went through this process when choosing window treatments for our new house. It felt like the never-ending saga all over again!       

Window treatment options       

Plantation Shutters       

If you’re looking for a window treatment that will add a touch of elegance to your home, Plantation Shutters are a great option. Unlike traditional shutters, plantation shutters are made from cordless timber, timber-look or aluminium, so they can be installed without the help of a professional.       

ACA Shutters & Blinds have made this option far more affordable in recent times though. We provide a professional installer to do the complete job for you.       

Roller Blinds           

If you’re looking for window treatments, roller blinds are a great option. They’re simple and affordable and come in a variety of styles to suit any space. Blockout roller blinds are perfect for bedrooms, while light filtering ones softened light and are ideal for living areas. 

When choosing fabric for your blinds, be sure to consider both texture and pattern. Simple flat fabrics can work well in some rooms, but you may want to add interest with a textured or patterned fabric. Get a few samples before making your … READ MORE ...

Building a New Restaurant in Calgary? Read this First

If you are thinking seriously about building a new restaurant in Calgary, you are in the middle of a lot of research.  Be sure to read this first before you close the door on what you have learned.

Restaurants have rules and regulations that are distinct from other types of businesses.  Once you begin the construction it will consume extensive amounts of your time.  Be sure to get different quotes and opinions from contractors who specialize in building restaurants.  This will give you the opportunity to understand the industry standards and more than an introduction to the health, building, safety, and regulatory codes and rules.  Cutting corners will not serve you well in the long run.  Consider how well your restaurant will do in the various seasons and times of the day.

Depending on the type, the timeline for building a new restaurant in Calgary will vary.  This is based on the kinds of engineers, designers, your budget, and equipment needs.  Expect four to six months with a quick service facility coming together quicker than a posh fine dining establishment.


As you look for a restaurant construction team ask for a recap of their education and experience with the size and type of restaurant you intend to open.  There are also consultants that can be incorporated into the group as necessary.  A restaurant architect will create the documents (floor plans) for the intended design and continue through every phase including construction.  The goal is to create a floor plan … READ MORE ...

How To Build A Sunroom On A Budget

If you are a homeowner and you like the outdoors, but maybe you live in a place that experiences extreme weather, so your goal is to be able to look outside without suffering from extreme cold or heat, then a sunroom would be a great addition to your home. Here at the Custom Remodeling Experts, we have over 25 years of experience building custom sunrooms and we can give you the sunroom or solarium that fits both your and your family’s lifestyles, all with the peace of mind of knowing your entire home is always safe when it’s in our care.

We stand behind our completed projects and workmanship and take pride in the manufacturer materials we use because our clients have expressed great pleasure and satisfaction with the sunrooms we have built. Our professional sunroom contractors will be with you every step of the way to be certain that you are totally satisfied with the sunroom we have built onto your home. We offer free estimates to get you started.

However, if you’re interested in how you can build a sunroom on a budget, we have some tips for you…

How to build a sunroom on a budget

  • Come up with an amount that you won’t want to exceed
  • Make a list of the costs you can already estimate
  • Do your best to stick to the basics and buy only materials that are essentials
  • Decorate your sunroom with accessories you already have around your house
  • Instead of running
Home Decorating Tips to Change the Look of Your Home

With a new season, comes an opportunity for a new look in our homes. We could change the curtains in the house, buy new furniture, or change the room with a fresh paint of color. Here are some ideas to change the look of your home.

Choose a basic wall color

With many options of paint colors available, painting your walls white might seem a little boring. But here’s the thing: When it comes down to it, there’s no better color that lightens and brightens up a room. While other colors can make your home feel more closed off, swapping in some fresh coats of white paint— or even freshening up existing white walls with new coats—instantly make your home feel fresh and inviting for the summer.

Rearrange your furniture

When was the last time you did some rearranging of your furniture in your home? Before you start moving things, first, create a new floor plan that’s focused around the windows. If you keep those spaces open and airy and avoid blocking them with bulky furniture, your home will instantly look cheery.

Decluttering your furniture

While you are in the process of rearranging your furniture, how about considering a declutter to let go of furniture pieces you want to toss away? This could really open up the space of a room, and with a fresh coat of paint color of your choice, you could turn it around into a completely new space.

Embrace Negative Space

Filling up our homes with … READ MORE ...