What You Need to Know About a Solar Water Heater System

Solar water heater system is an energy saving method that helps the environment by using sunlight to heat water. It can be installed directly or indirectly. There are several advantages of this type of heating system. You can save on your cost of ownership, but the biggest benefit is the savings you can get at every level of demand.

Direct vs indirect

When looking for a solar water heater, you’ll have to choose between a direct or indirect system. Direct systems use a single loop to heat the water and are suited for warmer climates. However, these are not as efficient as indirect systems and are more expensive. They also increase the risk of heating losses in the boiler.

Indirect systems circulate the collected heat from the collector to a storage tank in the basement. This reduces the chances of losing heat through the pipework. Unless you have a very cold climate, an indirect solar system is likely the better choice.

The most basic configuration is the thermosiphon. With this system, a hot liquid is pumped from the tank to a solar collector. Solar radiation heats the liquid and then it is pumped back into the tank.

Passive vs active

If you are considering investing in a solar water heater, you should know the difference between a passive and an active system. Active systems are the more efficient and cost effective of the two. However, they can be complicated to install. Hence, it is best to consult a professional.

Passive … READ MORE ...

Comprehensive Property Maintenance

Any residential or non-residential space includes a set of engineering networks, thanks to which it has light, heat, water, and much more. Large commercial real estate is a complex set of utilities and facilities that literally permeate the entire.

These systems may be centralized or autonomous. In the former case, the property owner is responsible for the networks inside. Regular property maintenance of all electricity and other systems is a must for any owner to support their smooth work. Read further to learn more.

Where to Seek Maintenance Help

Uninterrupted working of all engineering services guarantee their normal functioning. And if we are talking about commercial real estate, we consider its sustainable profitability.

Maintenance of the system involves regular diagnostics of the systems, preventive and repair work, and cooperation with the operating and resource-supplying organizations — including accounting and legal aspects. It also includes work on the modernization of the whole unities and their transfer in the case of a redevelopment or capital repair.

Regular Check of the Property

A large real estate object is a trade and entertainment center, a sports and hotel complex, or a shopping and entertainment center. They all have an exceptionally complex network structure, including escalators, air conditioning systems, public address systems, fire extinguishing systems, smoke exhaust systems, etc.

There can be more than a dozen low-current systems at a site, and several specialists are needed for building maintenance to repair it. As a rule, the owners conclude contracts with several organizations of the corresponding … READ MORE ...

The Latest in Solar Technology

There’s been an explosion of new technology in the field of solar energy in recent years. Some of these new advances include Organic solar cells, Printed solar, and Polycrystalline vs. monocrystalline PV panels.

Thin solar panels

Thin solar panels are a promising new type of solar technology. These flexible cells can be printed and laminated to a variety of surfaces and are easy to transport and install. In addition, the cells produce 18 times more power per kilogram than traditional solar panels.

A new startup, Active Surfaces, has recently launched. This company has developed a thin, flexible solar cell that can be laminated to a variety of surfaces. The material, Dyneema, is an ultra-lightweight composite fabric that weighs only 13 grams per square meter. It’s also UV-curable, making it a durable and strong substance.

Other companies, such as Hanergy, are investing in research for the development of thin-film solar cells. Currently, the company has six R&D centers in the Silicon Valley area and Sichuan, China.

Organic solar cells

Organic solar cells are one of the latest advances in solar technology. They are made of carbon-based materials, like graphene, and absorb light from the sun. Their advantages include high power conversion efficiency and low cost. However, these devices still have a lot of room for improvement.

One problem that has limited organic solar cell development has been the lack of dissociation of photogenerated charge carriers. In order to overcome this limitation, researchers have proposed several strategies. Among them, a multicomponent strategy … READ MORE ...