Bathroom Mold Removal

Bathroom mold is an unattractive and dangerous condition that should be dealt with as soon as possible because it has the tendency to spread. Tile grout or caulk in bathrooms are the most common sites to encounter mold.

Mold thrives in damp, dim, secluded areas, which is why bathrooms are their ideal places. Showering or bathing typically leaves a bathtub, shower, or complete bathroom moist enough for mold to grow.

If you’re reading this, there’s a high likelihood you already have a mold problem in your bathroom. If you are seeking mold removal in the bathroom, you can use various methods, but for a more durable solution, you may avail of the Mold Remediation in Aventura, FL, to let the professionals handle it for you.

Why and How does Mold Grow in the Bathroom?

You may be wondering about the causes of mold growth and why mold grows mainly in bathrooms. The wetness and warmth in your bathroom create a damp environment, which is perfect for mold spores to flourish. You create this optimal mold environment every time you use your bathroom to shower or bath. Then there are innumerable microorganisms on bathroom surfaces that feed the mold and encourage its growth.

Mold reproduces by dispersing microspores into the atmosphere that are everywhere and take only minimal conditions of humidity to bloom. Warmth also promotes mold development and hastens the process, and if the mold is given the right temperature, it can develop within 48 hours of spores falling … READ MORE ...

Tips For Creating a New Kitchen For Your Custom Home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is a versatile space with many purposes, used for cooking, washing, dining, and socializing. When designing this all-around room, your plans should not only focus on aesthetic quality but also on practicality and functionality.

Implementing well-rounded kitchen features will give you better room efficiency upon your project’s completion. Make sure that your final blueprint reflects a balanced design to avoid potential issues in the future. Consider the following factors when planning your kitchen to optimize every part of this room.

Implement the “Kitchen Work Triangle”

The concept of the kitchen working triangle originated in the early 20th century and still stands today as one of the best guidelines for designing your project. Based on the theory, your sink, refrigerator, and stove should follow a triangle arrangement. 

The positioning, which places each station on one corner of the polygonal layout, provides better efficiency and accessibility to the homeowner. These dimensions make sense, as using your kitchen often involves every station, so you’d best consider the idea for your layout.

Consider Your Cabinet Design

When planning your kitchen features, note that your choice of cabinets affects the aesthetic of your space. Higher cabinets tend to make a room look taller, but the downside is that it’ll be harder to reach the top of the shelves. Decorative shelves in cabinets may seem stylish, but the unoccupied space would likely accumulate grease and dust. 

One approach you could take is to choose regularly sized cabinets … READ MORE ...