Bamboo – A Greener Home Building Material

Bamboo – A Greener Home Building Material

When I was a young boy I knew of only a single-use for bamboo-to make good cane poles for fishing. Bamboo has the wonderful property of being versatile however robust. The cane pole would bend when a fish was around the line, offering resistance as I was trying to bring inside a keeper without having to obtain the line break. Plus the pole would under no circumstances break. I’ve some fantastic memories of the several bluegill and crappie I caught even though fishing with my father and grandfather as a kid, and with the superb fish dinners, we enjoyed with each other as a family afterward.

Nowadays, bamboo nevertheless makes a terrific fishing pole, as numerous little ones can attest. But a different surprisingly beneficial application has emerged that is environmentally-friendly and contributes to a greener lifestyle.

Bamboo has recently received quite a bit of focus as a green building material, particularly for flooring, and right here is why.

Bamboo grows pretty swiftly, generating it a rapidly renewable material. In comparison with trees, which can take 50 to 100 years to develop to sufficient size, bamboo can be harvested every 5 or six years. You can find 10 to 20 cycles of bamboo harvests inside the time it takes for any hardwood tree to mature, which suggests bamboo offers extra building material in the same period. And also the speedy growth implies a lot more speedy uptake of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, with benefits for the environment.

Yet another awesome green benefit of bamboo is the fact that it will not want to become replanted, like a hardwood tree. Immediately after being reduced, bamboo will re-grow, on its own, in the very same location. Being a self-regenerating plant is often a big advantage.

Although bamboo is classified as grass instead of wood, it surprisingly powerful and sturdy, and it wears pretty effectively as a flooring material. When made use of to make flooring, bamboo is stacked in layers and glued together to produce sections like any other floor tile or board. Thus, it can be utilized in construction like other engineered woods, and it can be stained or completed like any other wood, generating a beautiful look at the same time.

Look at using bamboo as a floor covering material the next time you are remodeling your home (or building new). The price is related to that for another wood flooring, and you may have the information that your lovely new flooring came at a reduced environmental expense.

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