Comprehensive Property Maintenance

Comprehensive Property Maintenance

Any residential or non-residential space includes a set of engineering networks, thanks to which it has light, heat, water, and much more. Large commercial real estate is a complex set of utilities and facilities that literally permeate the entire.

These systems may be centralized or autonomous. In the former case, the property owner is responsible for the networks inside. Regular property maintenance of all electricity and other systems is a must for any owner to support their smooth work. Read further to learn more.

Where to Seek Maintenance Help

Uninterrupted working of all engineering services guarantee their normal functioning. And if we are talking about commercial real estate, we consider its sustainable profitability.

Maintenance of the system involves regular diagnostics of the systems, preventive and repair work, and cooperation with the operating and resource-supplying organizations — including accounting and legal aspects. It also includes work on the modernization of the whole unities and their transfer in the case of a redevelopment or capital repair.

Regular Check of the Property

A large real estate object is a trade and entertainment center, a sports and hotel complex, or a shopping and entertainment center. They all have an exceptionally complex network structure, including escalators, air conditioning systems, public address systems, fire extinguishing systems, smoke exhaust systems, etc.

There can be more than a dozen low-current systems at a site, and several specialists are needed for building maintenance to repair it. As a rule, the owners conclude contracts with several organizations of the corresponding profile, which service all engineering communications. Unfortunately, many faced the high costs of such an approach. Due to a lack of coordination between different services, emergencies or breakdowns in the operation of some utilities can occur.

One Company — One Approach

It is possible to solve all the problems if one company is responsible. One of the few companies with years of experience is Safe House Services. We operate in various cities; our track record includes commercial, sports, and cultural facilities. In particular, the company has high trust among the users. Our comprehensive solution has already been tested at many properties and has proved its worth. Therefore, we offer the following package:

 We perform diagnostics and emergency repairs on utilities. We make the accent on preventing any critical situations that helps us to minimize them.

Solve all issues with resource-supplying organizations, municipal authorities, supervisory and control bodies, and accounting support of activities.

Calculate the efficiency of engineering solutions and their optimization, the introduction of energy-saving technologies.

Modernize engineering systems. If necessary, we do a redevelopment and coordination.

Services are carried out within the framework of an integrated approach aimed at increasing profitability. Specialists at agree with the owner on a unified plan to coordinate all types of work on engineering networks.

How to Avoid Emergencies

Timely preventive property maintenance, modernization of equipment, and the introduction of energy-saving technologies provide stable functioning of engineering systems and reduce the overall maintenance cost. Also, it attracts tenants and raises the status of the property.

Property maintenance services are just one activity carried out by Safe House Services. In addition, the company offers comprehensive management, including commercial management, housekeeping, cleaning services and grounds, and corporate catering.

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