Go Green With the Help of the Golden Sun and Enjoy Economic Benefits While You Do It!

Go Green With the Help of the Golden Sun and Enjoy Economic Benefits While You Do It!

Switching to solar power offers environmental and economical benefits that will make a huge impact on your life and the health of the Earth. Your local solar power experts can help you make the transition seamlessly!

It’s a tough climate out there these days, both economically and environmentally speaking. Prices are going up, as is the cost of energy. All of the news reports seem to include a little snippet about how we’re poisoning our planet with greenhouse gases and other harmful substances. There is no easy answer to either of these issues, but you can simultaneously help both your budget and the Earth–by turning to the Sun.

That’s right. Look up. The Sun’s rays provide free solar energy that can’t be monopolized and doesn’t pose any risk to the health of the Earth as other energy sources do. Call your local solar energy experts today to learn the facts about how solar energy generates direct current energy, which can be converted to alternating current electricity that can heat your home, your water, and even your pool!

The sustainable nature of solar energy means that after the initial equipment and installation costs are paid, you don’t have any ongoing costs (such as fuel costs). Solar panel installation is safe and immediately effective when performed by a trained solar panel expert. Your installations can even be custom designed specifically to meet your property’s particular energy needs and desired outdoor aesthetics. Your solar panel installer will recommend one of the three common solar panel mounts:

 Pole mounted Flush-mounted Roof mounted Solar panels are typically reliable pieces of equipment, but they occasionally require testing, maintenance, and repair. Your local solar panel repair specialist will be able to troubleshoot the problem and get it taken care of ASAP. There is no reason to fear spent diodes or weak photovoltaic panels when you just call your local solar panel repair expert for help! Your solar panel specialists can even perform solar water heater and solar pool heater installation and repair!

You’re probably clear on how solar energy is a cleaner, greener energy source than fossil fuel alternatives, but most people don’t understand exactly how economically advantageous solar energy can be. Did you know that you can maximize your solar power savings by taking advantage of the option of a grid-tied system or various state and federal rebate and tax incentive programs? Call your local solar power experts to learn about the rebates available in your state. They can even help you with the paperwork and any necessary permits.

Save money and save the planet by switching to solar energy today!

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