Home Decorating Tips to Change the Look of Your Home

Home Decorating Tips to Change the Look of Your Home

With a new season, comes an opportunity for a new look in our homes. We could change the curtains in the house, buy new furniture, or change the room with a fresh paint of color. Here are some ideas to change the look of your home.

Choose a basic wall color

With many options of paint colors available, painting your walls white might seem a little boring. But here’s the thing: When it comes down to it, there’s no better color that lightens and brightens up a room. While other colors can make your home feel more closed off, swapping in some fresh coats of white paint— or even freshening up existing white walls with new coats—instantly make your home feel fresh and inviting for the summer.

Rearrange your furniture

When was the last time you did some rearranging of your furniture in your home? Before you start moving things, first, create a new floor plan that’s focused around the windows. If you keep those spaces open and airy and avoid blocking them with bulky furniture, your home will instantly look cheery.

Decluttering your furniture

While you are in the process of rearranging your furniture, how about considering a declutter to let go of furniture pieces you want to toss away? This could really open up the space of a room, and with a fresh coat of paint color of your choice, you could turn it around into a completely new space.

Embrace Negative Space

Filling up our homes with items can be so fun, but we can create clarity and peace in the environment by clearing things out. It’s an excellent way to create a space that is visually serene. Peace of sight, peace of mind.

Invest in decor accessories

Whether it’s the dollar store or a yard sale, you can easily add decor accessories like vases or ornaments. A new splash of paint color on these small items can make sections of your house go from dull and dingy, to statement pieces that light add style to your home. You’ll be amazed at how cheap items with a spruce of color can transform sections of your home.For more information on the colors, you can choose, give us a call at Rossi Painting and Construction we’re excited to be a part of your home’s transformation!

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