Radiant Barrier San Antonio

Green EnergyGreen Energy of San Antonio delivers price-successful, power effective home insulation solutions to homeowners concerned with the comfort and maintenance of their residence. In the identical vein, we want to produce a type of stress on ourselves to be improved than even we know how to be and launch our Green Revolution with a passion and urgency as if our lives depended on it – for the reason that I truly believe they do. Probably not in the brief-term, but our extended-term prospects warrant evaluation.

Although green energy is a excellent step in the direction of maintaining our environment wholesome and our air as pollutant free of charge as feasible, it have to be noted that no matter what the power, it will negatively influence the environment to some extent.

Land primarily based wind turbines are non-polluting but the energy is diffuse, and so needs a substantial amount of gear to exploit it. Therefore the capitol price and resulting power is high-priced (~$.ten/KWH or much more not accounting for down time), and it is not obtainable all the time (Load Aspect ~.5 to .7 in superior web pages, significantly less elsewhere), so the efficient price is even higher.

We’ve had the the pleasure of operating with the esteemed ‘San Antonio Living’ show and Shelly Miles a number of instances over the last couple of years, and we encourage you to verify out the videos from the show to discover more about our products.

No offense to Germany, but we’ve got considerably superior wind and solar sources than you (not to mention far a lot more land to deploy them on – you happen to be barely bigger than Montana, and half the size of Texas), and it’s absurd that until not too long ago you outpaced us on both solar and wind energy generation, and still outpace us on solar.

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