Is A Ductless Mini-Split Right For You?

Not all buildings come equipped with air-conditioning or heating. This may be due to the age of the structure, cost concerns during construction, or in some instances, the property was intended for storage rather than a workspace or residence. 

Installing ductwork for an HVAC system can be destructive. Window air-conditioning units or space heaters may be ineffective. If neither meets your needs, it may be time to look into ductless mini-split systems in Concord CA for your home or property. 

What’s In A Name?

The “split” refers to its resemblance to HVAC systems with its outdoor component for ventilation.

“Ductless” means there are no air ducts to install or maintain. Installation is straightforward, connecting only the chosen room to the outside component. You don’t need to tear up floors and walls by installing ducts. 

The wall-mounted head inside is “mini” compared to window air-conditioning units, meaning they take up less space and are never in the way!

What Are The Benefits?

You can pick which rooms are climate-controlled, saving money on energy. A single outdoor component can serve as ventilation for up to eight rooms, so if you decided to start small with one room, there is nothing stopping you from connecting more later down the road. 

Each wall-mounted head maintains only the room it’s installed in, allowing for personalization. You can have a cool kitchen and a warm bedroom rather than a single temperature throughout the house. 

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