Which Style of Gutters Are Right for You?

Which Style of Gutters Are Right for You?

If your gutters are leaking, rusting or sagging, you need to start thinking about replacing them. Gutters are essential to keeping your home free from water damage. Delaying the inevitable will only lead to more problems, so start today if you haven’t checked your gutters in a while.

This article will lay out some of the signs of gutter damage and the different types of gutters available. Continue reading to find out if you need new gutters.

Signs of Damage

Gutters that have peeling paint, rust, sags or cracks need to be replaced. You also need to check for water damage and erosion below the gutters, which is a clear sign of leaks. Erosion can allow water to run into your basement and decay the foundation. Make sure you replace your gutters as soon as possible with the top rated gutter Happy Valley installer in your area.

Gutter Categories

  • Traditional or historic buildings often have half-round gutters. They can be made from copper and aluminum, but many other metals are available as well. Choose these gutters for a classic look.
  • Box gutters are valuable for large commercial buildings because they can deal with the most volume. Large buildings collect a lot of rainwater on their roofs, so the proper drainage system is critical. For extra stability, they can be installed with a flange that allows them more fastening strength.
  • The most common style of gutters is k-style. The name k-style references the shape of their profile when viewed from the side. These gutters hold more water than most gutters but are also harder to clean because of their shape. Waste that gets caught in k-style gutters should be removed as soon as possible before it becomes compacted.

Do not delay replacing a damaged gutter system. Leaking gutters leads to problems in your home’s foundations and walls, so act today and protect your property.

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