Why and How Could Ripple Reach $10,000?

Why and How Could Ripple Reach $10,000?



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David Schwartz says that XRP can’t be so cheap because it won’t work. The higher the price of XRP, the more liquidity. There will be more liquidity because banks can rely on the central bank for liquidity.

Ripple On-Demand Liquidity, Have you ever thought about why they call it Ripple On-Demand Liquidity? When the world is about to collapse, because Ripple companies know what is happening in the world right now, They know what will happen to the global economy and the only thing that will happen here to save it is XRP.

XRP was built to free the economy; XRP was constructed to save the economy. Why would they create a technology built to protect the whole world right in the middle when the world was about to collapse? Why? The United States has $28 trillion in debt and prints money everywhere. Why? The goal is to devalue the dollar to cripple the economy, and when the economy collapses, it will need something new. New world reserve currency technology to store it.

When the economy collapses, it’s not returning to the United States dollar. That’s not going to happen. The world will use XRP. So you don’t think could ripple reach $10,000 when it’s built for ten thousand dollars?

You think that the greatest digital asset or the largest digital currency is created for humans. Which is built to be fully exchangeable for any Currency, commodity or asset, will not be ten thousand dollars when used to transfer all the money in the world?

Does that make sense to you?

You have to be serious and know the difference between people who know what they’re talking about and people who don’t know what they’re talking about. your XRP will be a hundred dollars?

If you don’t believe it will happen, XRP is not for you. You shouldn’t even be in the crypto world. Okay, because when the entire global economy collapses, XRP will rise like a phoenix.

Will go up because they need something to save the economy, and the way they keep the economy is through other global reserves. And they won’t use the dollar because it is dead.

Every central bank has been buying gold over the past five years. Do you think they won’t use digital currencies to transfer value from gold?

Do you think they will not use digital currency to transfer the value of every commodity and asset in the world? It is why XRP will be $10,000.

XRP Price Prediction

The price movement of XRP is still in the 0 Fibonacci retracements area, where the support level is around $0.52, and the resistance level is about $0.86. In other words, today’s XRP price, which is moving positively towards $0.83, has approached the nearest resistance level. If the price of the XRP coin manages to break through the resistance, there is a chance that the price will try to sample the next resistance at around $1.07.

XRP price prediction may be observed from the current descending triangle pattern. If this pattern is successfully broken, then the crypto coin XRP has the potential to be above $0.86, with an increase that cannot be ascertained. It is possible to catch up to the previous ATH level, but it will be stronger if there is confirmation that the XRP price has managed to reach the 50% Fibonacci retracements area.

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